Husband, Love Your Wife

Husband love your wife

You love your wife and you know it.
And she knows too that you love her.
Your love languages are truly in sync.
All is going well and good for you both.
No slacking, keep the flag flying.
That is how it is supposed to be.

You love your wife and you know it.
But your wife doesn’t think you love her.
In many ways you try to prove that you love her.
But she never really gets to understand you much.
You are speaking a love language different from hers.
It is time you began to learn her own love language.

You don’t love your wife and you know it.
But somehow she thinks that you do love her.
All because you have been acting like you love her.
Is it not time you stopped deceiving her?
And begin to make your love acts true to the heart?
Loving is a choice you have to make in her favour.

You don’t love your wife and you know it.
She too knows that you don’t love her.
But somehow, you are both managing each other…
You are the one failing in your responsibility here,
Because you were the one told, “Husband love your wife.”
Now is the time to make the choice to love her.

©Copyright | Victor Uyanwanne

*First published on my Victors Corner as You Love Your Wife And You Know It


Accepted As God’s Gift

Love and marriage

You are accepted as God’s gift to me.
Just as the heavens intended for it to be.
As a total package delivered from above.
All I have to do is to accept you with love.

I knew without doubt I’d find you one day.
Not by my will or might but by God’s way.
So I am not surprised we are now together.
Because we were truly meant for each other.

It is now my duty and privilege to love you.
And stand by you whatever you go through.
We know that God does not make mistake.
In you, the fullest of His blessings, I partake.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

Fight or Flee?


Faced with a challenge
A battle for survival
Life’s daily ordeal.

You can fight or flee
The choice is yours
And so are the benefits
Or consequences.

You fight
You may win or lose
All is well
Provided you weren’t killed.

You win, you rejoice
You lose, you cry
But then you learn!

You flee, you live
To fight another day.
But you gain no ground.
Cos the challenge remains.

So whether you fight or flee
The choice is yours
And so are the consequences
And the benefits too.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Wait No More Till Tommorrow







“I want to be a singer”
What are you waiting for?
Start singing already.

“I want to be a writer”
Wait no more till tomorrow.
Start writing something right away.

“I want to exercise and keep fit.”
Don’t wait for anyone.
Our bodies age differently.

“I want to start something new.”
Get started already.
Who are you waiting for?

“I want to travel the world.”
Begin with your first steps now.
The world is waiting for you to come.

“I want to do the right things.”
Begin to say ‘no’ to the wrong things.
Do it and move on.

Whatever good you want to do.
Let nothing or anyone stop you.
And don’t stop yourself either.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Be Committed To Your Spouse


Be committed to your spouse,
The one you have in your house.
Don’t be distracted by anyone outside
Irrespective  of the turn of the tide.

Be committed to your spouse
And let go of all your grouse.
Love him or her with all your heart
Whether or not you felt so from the start.

Be committed to your spouse.
Never consider him or her a louse.
If you do you will feel frustrated
And your union may be truncated.

Be committed to your spouse
More than you would love a carouse.
Nothing else should make you more lively
Than the love of your spouse so comely.

Be committed to your spouse.
All tensions you must seek to douse
Allow no known blister to fester
And both of you will heal faster.

Be committed to your spouse
Whether away or in your house.
Never from him or her depart
Till death do both of you part.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

When Time Waited For Me


I found that time waited for me
To be everything I wanted to be.
I wasn’t in a hurry to accomplish anything.
But in the end I seemed to own everything.

For once, time waited for me all year long
And in nothing at all was I found wrong.
Everything went better than I had expected
Far better than I could’ve had them constructed.

The Sun was always up, shining in its full glory.
No darkness and no gloomy days; so why worry?
Without care, I yielded to the warm embrace of sleep
And there was nothing at all to make me weep.

I could see everything was mine without efforts.
And without surprises I had all the good results.
All the good things of life were there for my taking.
I reached out to grab only to discover I was dreaming.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

You lost your shine as a star

You lost your shine as a star

I thought you were so strong
Now I know I’m so wrong.

With all the things you’ve been through
And everything you hold to be true

I didn’t expect you to fall so easily
Or may be I overestimated you lazily.

You forgot the son of whom you are
So you lost your shine as a star.

Like the proverbial prodigal son did
All your ways have become sordid.

Would you now retrace yours steps?
And begin to seek some helps.

Hope you would come to your senses on time
So you wouldn’t have to lose all your dime.

Fear not to come back to the Father
Where you will find love like no other.

He will welcome you with an open arm
In Him you will experience no harm.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Real Value Is Beneath The Dirt

You lost your shine as a star

Real value is found beneath the death

As shining as many somethings are.
They are definitely not all a star

Not everything that glitters is gold.
That you may have already been told.

Surely, nothing is as it ever appears
So do not be deceived by the tears.

Life isn’t like a computer; don’t forget
What you see isn’t always what you get.

If you have to see the picture that’s true
Try looking beyond the face value.

Real value is found beneath the dirt
So you have to dig deeper in the earth.

First published as Looking Beyond The Face Value on Victors’ Corner in 2018. ©Copyright| Victor Uyanwanne


Mr. Know All – Part 2

A poem on Mr Know All

A poem on Mr Know All

Continued from  Mr. Know All Part 1

He’s been planting the seed of loneliness
Sure he will meet with shameful ugliness.
If he doesn’t change now his ways
He’s heading for the way that never pays.

If he never learns from the rest
His abode will soon turn into a forest.
Cos he’s standing on the sand that sinks
He’ll end up in the hole that stinks

Already, he’s heading towards destruction
Because he completely abhors instruction.
Soonest will be his day of reckoning
Clearly, to him the devil is beckoning.

Had he loved good instruction
He wouldn’t go in the wrong direction.
Could we then say all is well?
He’s gone farther than we can tell

There might still be a way out
If for help he’ll open his mouth to shout
But his pride reaches the imposing sky
Like the Everest standing so high

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Mr. Know All

Mr I too know

Mr I too know

Because he is so bright
He thinks all his ways are right
So he went only his way
But, alas, he went astray!

He feels he knows everything
He doesn’t want to be taught anything
But indeed he is truly short-sighted
He who doesn’t want to be guided

Whether in his aggressive action
Or in his cool but calculated inaction
If he doesn’t want to hear out any body
He might end up becoming a nobody

“It’s my life, this is my world”
Will always be his word
But he forgets to remember
That one alone is too small a number

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne