Speak The Truth

A poem on speaking truth
Photo credit: Joel de Vriend/unsplash

Speak the truth and never speak a lie.

Speak the truth even if it’s to your hurt.

Speak the truth even when no one believes you.

Speak the truth and you won’t have to worry about remembering what you said.

Speak the truth but don’t force anyone to believe you.

Speak the truth, but do it in love.

2020 © Victor Uyanwanne

Refocusing From Temptation

Oh temptation
The more I try to resist you
The more you seem to persist
Making the fight look so tough

Oh temptation
You started like a thought
Now you are so overwhelming
Pushing me so I can fall.

Oh temptation
You got my attentions
Now you want my emotions
So I can give you some actions.

Oh temptation
You cannot overcome me
I’m refocusing my thoughts
Far, far away from you.

*This poem was inspired by Pastor Rick Warren’s Daily Devotional of 7/7/2020, entitled, Instead of Resisting Temptations, Refocus.

©Victor Uyanwanne

The Resurrected Saviour

In His birth
Divinity became enwrapped in humanity
For the salvation of mankind.

In His death
Divinity suffered in the hands of humanity
Paying the price for the salvation of mankind.

In His resurrection
Divinity had Him forever established
As the only Saviour of mankind.

©2020|Victor Uyanwanne

Now That The Year Is Over

Now that the year is over
We are all crossing over.
A few more hours away
Will be a brand new year, day.

Now that the year is over
It is time to move over
To a brand new beginning
With joy, without whining.

Now that the year is over
Lay aside the hangover
As we begin again anew
All of us, not a few.

Now that the year is over
Let not your heart quiver
Be calm, be firm, be strong
Stand right, don’t be wrong.

Now that the year is over
Away with doubt, be a believer
Do not rest on your oars
Flying as the eagle soars.

Now that the year is over
Give your attitude a makeover
Renew your mind for a fresh start
Enter the new year with a new heart.


©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Our Love Will Last Forever

I am yours.
You are mine.
Our love will last,
Till all ages pass.

You gave me Your best
When you sent Your Son
To die for me on the Cross

You spared nothing at all
To win me to Your side
You’re my loving Father
I will love You forever.

You gave me the living hope
While I was perishing and hopeless
And all I had was nothing

You’ve given me Your all
So I can be one with You
This love we share between us
Surely will last forever.


©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Prove Them Wrong!

Succeeding beyond expectation

They said you would give up
Prove them wrong: stand strong!

They said you would fail
Prove them wrong: succeed!

They said your marriage wouldn’t work
Prove them wrong: make it work.

They said your life is impossible
Prove them wrong: make it possible

They said you have nothing more to offer
Surprise them with new and innovative ideas

They said no one has ever done or achieved it before
Prove them wrong: do it and achieve it

They said there is no way
Prove them wrong: find a way

They said it is over for you
Show them you are just getting started.

They said they have given up on you.
Shock them: don’t give up on yourself.

They said you can’t walk a mile
Prove them wrong: run ten miles

Whatever they said against you
Prove them wrong: be unstoppable.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

You Are Still The One I Love

A poem on commitment in a love relationship


You are the still one
Even when you don’t listen to what I say
And you always want to have your way.

You are still the one
It doesn’t matter whatever you do
Or whatever you may put me through.

You are still the one
Even when everything I say becomes a suspect
And you fail to give me the desired respect

You are still the one
When the going begins to get tough
And everything around seems so rough

You are still the one
Through thick and thin
Whether I lose or win

You are still the one I love
Whatever happens on this side of the earth
So long as we both have in us, the breath.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Husband, Love Your Wife

Husband love your wife

You love your wife and you know it.
And she knows too that you love her.
Your love languages are truly in sync.
All is going well and good for you both.
No slacking, keep the flag flying.
That is how it is supposed to be.

You love your wife and you know it.
But your wife doesn’t think you love her.
In many ways you try to prove that you love her.
But she never really gets to understand you much.
You are speaking a love language different from hers.
It is time you began to learn her own love language.

You don’t love your wife and you know it.
But somehow she thinks that you do love her.
All because you have been acting like you love her.
Is it not time you stopped deceiving her?
And begin to make your love acts true to the heart?
Loving is a choice you have to make in her favour.

You don’t love your wife and you know it.
She too knows that you don’t love her.
But somehow, you are both managing each other…
You are the one failing in your responsibility here,
Because you were the one told, “Husband love your wife.”
Now is the time to make the choice to love her.

©Copyright | Victor Uyanwanne

*First published on my Victors Corner as You Love Your Wife And You Know It

Accepted As God’s Gift

Love and marriage

You are accepted as God’s gift to me.
Just as the heavens intended for it to be.
As a total package delivered from above.
All I have to do is to accept you with love.

I knew without doubt I’d find you one day.
Not by my will or might but by God’s way.
So I am not surprised we are now together.
Because we were truly meant for each other.

It is now my duty and privilege to love you.
And stand by you whatever you go through.
We know that God does not make mistake.
In you, the fullest of His blessings, I partake.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne