In The Dead Of The Night

In the dead of one rainy night
He crept into my room uninvited
Pinning me down to the bed very tight
He began to do what his body wanted.

This has become a regular ritual
That I’ve come to endure every night
The act has never been consensual
Utterly bruised, I’ve lost the will to fight

One night I wanted to run away and shout
But he threatened to kill me if I dare
Or have me immediately thrown out
Unless I yielded to him with my body bare.

He forced his hard-self deep inside of me
Just as he had done many times before
I know this was not meant to be
Because I know the reason I’m here for

I was brought in here to do the chores
And may be do all the biddings of madam
Now I’m treated like red-light district whores
Subdued, abused and forced to keep calm.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

9 Replies to “In The Dead Of The Night”

  1. This was a hard Poem for me to reply to Victor, it reminded me of some of my abuse as a Child, you may remember my Post on the link below.

    Thankfully now I can share about the abuse I suffered as a Child without pain but I prefer not to focus on what Satan’s motivation lead others to do to me that was very evil. There are too many others things now to Thank God for in my Life and in this World although we are to contend with Him against all evil and expose it and also warn others too but for me it is now better left in the past unless God motivates me to share about it again.

    A Little Lost Girl –

    Blessings – Anne.

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  2. I am sorry Anne the poem evoked a negative memory for you. At the same time I feel grateful that you have overcome the hurts of the past to focus on the goodness of God in your life.

    I believe your story still inspires people. I will explore the link you forwarded and leave you a comment if I have not already done so.

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    1. Thank you Victor for your Faithfulness to respond to our Comments both on your Blog and on ours, I appreciate it and I’m sure others do too.

      I was wondering Victor what motivated you to write a Poem like this one, yes it is indeed True and it happens sadly many times to Children, both boys and girls. It would break your Heart to hear what I have heard over the years but some Children like I did just keep it bottled up and so it causes much damage Emotionally and can also do so Mentally and Physically too.

      I did try to tell a Woman about it when I was 10years old after her Father had Molested me but she said I was a Slut and that I had asked for it and so I never told anyone else until I was an Adult except for Jesus and He understood and cared greatly.

      No doubt Victor you have been asked too; “Than why does God allow such evil ” I share with them as confirmed in Scripture that He doesn’t willingly, it grieves Him greatly but to stop all evil now He would have to once again do as He did in Noah’s time, although not by a flood as He promised but He knows that some who are His own would be lost Eternally so He is Patient not wanting anyone to perish, meaning to be in agonizing Torment and Eternally separated from Him with no Hope.

      So God is giving them time to come to their senses and to have Heart Repentance, showing they accept His free gift of Salvation in Jesus our Lord and Saviour as we did too and when they do Jesus will return for all of us, unless we die or are Martyred first and as we know after He returns to Heaven with us and when the Holy Spirit is gone too, those who are left will destroy themselves and also the World.

      God Bless you abundantly Victor and those who are close to you – Christian Love Always – Anne.

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      1. You are welcome Anne. As always, I appreciate your warm comments.

        What motivated me to write the poem? I’ll say I was inspired to write it. Most of my poems are like that – purely from divine inspirations and not from any personal experience. It is my hope that the poem draws attention to the issue of sexual abuse faced by vulnerable people – domestic servants in this case.

        Evils like this are a consequent of the Fall of man. Those who blame God for the evils in the society are largely mistaken.

        God is a good God and He is not responsible for the ills in our world. Instead of yielding to God, man continues to yield to satan. That’s why it may seen that God allows evil… no he does’t, man chose evil.

        Yes, I would agree with you that God is patient with sinners. He wants them to repent, because Jesus Christ has paid the price for them. But as you know Anne, God’s judgement will come one day.

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        1. Indeed your right Victor, God’s judgement will come one day but He promises us those He knows as His own that not one of us will be lost Eternally, yes like me Jesus brings back the lost sheep too.

          I will be in touch soon by e-mail -Blessings Anne.

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