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Blogging – Your Voice & Wings

Blogging will give you a voice
To speak to the world in your own way.
The voice you always knew you had
But never knew how to use.

Blogging will give some wings
To fly with your writing goals.
The wings you never knew you had
Let alone knowing how to fly.

Blogging will be the online channel
For you to let out your thoughts & feelings
The ones you’ve bottled up for so long
To the point you are bursting at the seams.

Blogging will take you to new destinations, and back
Where your feet have never touched before.
Sharing with people across the continents
And across many mountains and seas.

With blogging, you’ll see life afresh
In a new and inspiring light.
You’ll feel a sense of significance
Sharing your stories in your own words.

Blogging will give you the feeling of control
Of being incharge of your writing life.
You can write whatever you want
And post it whenever you want.

Blogging is pure freedom of writing
That you can hardly find anywhere else.
Many people are embracing it
Whether as a hobby or as a job.

©Victor Uyanwanne 2020


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