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The Call of Marriage

Marriage is a call, answer it
Marriage is commitment, give it
Marriage is a sacrifice, make it
Marriage is life, live it
Marriage is a journey, embark on it
Marriage is a pleasure, enjoy it


You Are Still The One I Love

A poem on commitment in a love relationship


You are the still one
Even when you don’t listen to what I say
And you always want to have your way.

You are still the one
It doesn’t matter whatever you do
Or whatever you may put me through.

You are still the one
Even when everything I say becomes a suspect
And you fail to give me the desired respect

You are still the one
When the going begins to get tough
And everything around seems so rough

You are still the one
Through thick and thin
Whether I lose or win

You are still the one I love
Whatever happens on this side of the earth
So long as we both have in us, the breath.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

Husband, Love Your Wife

Husband love your wife

You love your wife and you know it.
And she knows too that you love her.
Your love languages are truly in sync.
All is going well and good for you both.
No slacking, keep the flag flying.
That is how it is supposed to be.

You love your wife and you know it.
But your wife doesn’t think you love her.
In many ways you try to prove that you love her.
But she never really gets to understand you much.
You are speaking a love language different from hers.
It is time you began to learn her own love language.

You don’t love your wife and you know it.
But somehow she thinks that you do love her.
All because you have been acting like you love her.
Is it not time you stopped deceiving her?
And begin to make your love acts true to the heart?
Loving is a choice you have to make in her favour.

You don’t love your wife and you know it.
She too knows that you don’t love her.
But somehow, you are both managing each other…
You are the one failing in your responsibility here,
Because you were the one told, “Husband love your wife.”
Now is the time to make the choice to love her.

©Copyright | Victor Uyanwanne

*First published on my Victors Corner as You Love Your Wife And You Know It

Accepted As God’s Gift

Love and marriage

You are accepted as God’s gift to me.
Just as the heavens intended for it to be.
As a total package delivered from above.
All I have to do is to accept you with love.

I knew without doubt I’d find you one day.
Not by my will or might but by God’s way.
So I am not surprised we are now together.
Because we were truly meant for each other.

It is now my duty and privilege to love you.
And stand by you whatever you go through.
We know that God does not make mistake.
In you, the fullest of His blessings, I partake.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

Be Committed To Your Spouse


Be committed to your spouse,
The one you have in your house.
Don’t be distracted by anyone outside
Irrespective  of the turn of the tide.

Be committed to your spouse
And let go of all your grouse.
Love him or her with all your heart
Whether or not you felt so from the start.

Be committed to your spouse.
Never consider him or her a louse.
If you do you will feel frustrated
And your union may be truncated.

Be committed to your spouse
More than you would love a carouse.
Nothing else should make you more lively
Than the love of your spouse so comely.

Be committed to your spouse.
All tensions you must seek to douse
Allow no known blister to fester
And both of you will heal faster.

Be committed to your spouse
Whether away or in your house.
Never from him or her depart
Till death do both of you part.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

Gone With The Wind

Though we weren’t born the same day.
You and I have come a mighty long way.
Anchoring our hope on the gracious Lord.
(Or so I thought) with unbreakable chord.

We walked faithfully together for more than a mile.
Sometimes we cried but we also had course to smile.
We were moving in the right direction – forward.
Hoping that some day, we would receive our reward.

But you detoured and I didn’t hear from you again.
Without warning, you went pursuing worldly gain.
You followed wrong counsel and went the wrong way.
You’ve gone with the wind and have gone astray.

Time has passed but I still think well about you.
For all the ugly things you might have gone thru
Oh how I wish you were a little more discerning.
Not to have gone with men of worldly yearning.

Even now that you have gone far away from me.
I often wonder if that’s how it was meant to be.
But I pray you’re still alive and without pain.
With the hope that one day, we shall see again.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

Because We Have The Greatest Love

True love

When I saw you the first time.
It felt like you were an angel.
Though I didn’t have much dime.
I knew our relationship will gel.

From that very day on wards
Up, everything went towards
Being with you seems so right
And our future colourfully bright.

Together we set out on this journey
Though it may be rough and thorny
It is guaranteed us we will make it
If we have our trust in God every bit

People will see us and marvel
As God’s favours on us unravel
We will wave at them and say
It is the Lord’s doing all the way

Sure, it is marvellous in our eyes
Not because we are strong and wise
But because we have the greatest love
Poured in our hearts from high Above.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

Finding The Courage To Move On

You said you loved me with all your heart.
And you made me many promises for a start.
So I loved and trusted you as a thorough-bred.
Having faith in the future I thought we shared.

But before the very future began to unfold.
Before our relationship became months old.
Many ugly things about you began to surface.
One after another, right before my innocent face.

I thought I could handle them very well at first
Wishing that what we shared would not waste.
But you consistently proved to be irredeemable
For awful reasons that still remain inscrutable

“I am human after all,” you always claim
That I know, so I apportioned no blame
Thinking that since we are in this together.
We could help each other become better.

You’ve asked for forgiveness a thousand times
I have extended pardon to you a million times.
But the relationship is not getting stronger
Neither is the experience getting sweeter.

The more I pull, the further you descend into oblivion
Without care, without regard for our budding union.
I wish I had listened to my heart from the beginning
I would not be standing here and whining

I can no longer cope, so I will let you be
With the hope you’ll do better without me
It took me such a long time to make up my mind
But I’m glad the courage to move on I could find.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

Your Love Makes Me Smile


Poem on smile

With You God, I have a brand new day.
As I wake and see the Sun in the sky.
You will always be there to make a way.
No matter how much the enemy may try.

You are the Reason why I live
Without you I cannot breathe
Unto you I will forever cleave
Let me Your grace enwreathe.

The feel of Your love makes me smile.
No matter the situation in life I face
With You I will walk more than a mile
For I’m daily imbued with your grace.


©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

In The Dead Of The Night Again

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Again, in the dead of the night
He threw himself at me in my bed
You would think I would resist him and fight
But the will to fight is lost from my head

I am meant to be the house-help
But he’s turned me into a fleshly slave
Ravishing me, no matter how much I yelp
Oh God, when will this man behave?

I have heard that some men are beasts
Now I live with one under the same roof
He devours me like delicacies in feasts
And please don’t ask me for the proof.

I know what I’m talking about
Even if you don’t want to believe me
I’m no better than a down-and-out.
But this is not what I’m meant to be.

His wife is loving, good and attractive.
She doesn’t know the evils of her husband.
About that, I’m definitely positive
But that doesn’t mean I understand.

She says her husband is a kind gentle man
May be that’s true with her and other people
But to me he is a ravenous and wicked human
Without conscience, without an iota of scruple.

See also the precursor poem: In the dead of the night


©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

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