Accepted As God’s Gift

Love and marriage

You are accepted as God’s gift to me.
Just as the heavens intended for it to be.
As a total package delivered from above.
All I have to do is to accept you with love.

I knew without doubt I’d find you one day.
Not by my will or might but by God’s way.
So I am not surprised we are now together.
Because we were truly meant for each other.

It is now my duty and privilege to love you.
And stand by you whatever you go through.
We know that God does not make mistake.
In you, the fullest of His blessings, I partake.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

Be Committed To Your Spouse


Be committed to your spouse,
The one you have in your house.
Don’t be distracted by anyone outside
Irrespective  of the turn of the tide.

Be committed to your spouse
And let go of all your grouse.
Love him or her with all your heart
Whether or not you felt so from the start.

Be committed to your spouse.
Never consider him or her a louse.
If you do you will feel frustrated
And your union may be truncated.

Be committed to your spouse
More than you would love a carouse.
Nothing else should make you more lively
Than the love of your spouse so comely.

Be committed to your spouse.
All tensions you must seek to douse
Allow no known blister to fester
And both of you will heal faster.

Be committed to your spouse
Whether away or in your house.
Never from him or her depart
Till death do both of you part.

©Copyright 2019| Victor Uyanwanne

Finding The Courage To Move On

You said you loved me with all your heart.
And you made me many promises for a start.
So I loved and trusted you as a thorough-bred.
Having faith in the future I thought we shared.

But before the very future began to unfold.
Before our relationship became months old.
Many ugly things about you began to surface.
One after another, right before my innocent face.

I thought I could handle them very well at first
Wishing that what we shared would not waste.
But you consistently proved to be irredeemable
For awful reasons that still remain inscrutable

“I am human after all,” you always claim
That I know, so I apportioned no blame
Thinking that since we are in this together.
We could help each other become better.

You’ve asked for forgiveness a thousand times
I have extended pardon to you a million times.
But the relationship is not getting stronger
Neither is the experience getting sweeter.

The more I pull, the further you descend into oblivion
Without care, without regard for our budding union.
I wish I had listened to my heart from the beginning
I would not be standing here and whining

I can no longer cope, so I will let you be
With the hope you’ll do better without me
It took me such a long time to make up my mind
But I’m glad the courage to move on I could find.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

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