Forgotten, Farmished, Not Finished

Biblical prodigal son

Growing up cool, collected and homely.
He had the secured love of family.
But the allures of the world so distant
Gradually began to drift him apart.

Enamoured by the lust of strange women
Yielding to the pressure of unscrupulous men
He bowed on the altar of compromise.
But at last his behaviour proved unwise.

He had thought everything was all right
Till he became stranded day and night.
With darkness so thick and treacherous
The help around was less than desirous

Even though he had truly come of age
He couldn’t get a job with a living wage.
Being bruised left, right and centre
He had a bad storm he had to weather.

See also: The Prodigal Heart

Recalling the wealth in his father’s house
It’s time he stopped living like a mouse.
But behold, the home was so far away
Farther than the journey of a good day.

Coming to his senses, seeing the light.
He knew not to give up without a fight.
He had the choice to stay in the mess
But he’ll forever be eluded by happiness

His pocket, empty without any money
Still he would embark on this journey.
Though forgotten, frightened and farmished
The little hope in him was not yet finished.

Sure he thought he’d be taken like an outcast
But he got a welcome party with a blast
Surprised, the love of his father still abound
Behold the long lost son is now found.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

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